EPCMProject Collaboration (EPCM)

Petro IT’s document collaboration and management tool enables an environment where stakeholders and project constituents interact on a workflow based project portal allowing collaborative working and without the clutter and unmanageability of email and paper.

Pain points typically experienced in the current email based scenario:

  • Important tasks needing action often get lost in Inboxes, under spam and get ignored
  • Losing track of the latest version while working on a document with multiple reviewers
  • Losing relevant documents to accidental mail deletion
  • Saving to temporary locations and being unable to find documents later when needed

The above results in lost man-hours and low productivity apart from being inefficient and dis-organized.

Developed on the Microsoft Sharepoint Content Management Platform, Petro IT’s EPCM has strong document and content management at its core, which is leveraged to provide efficient archival, versioning, audit trails and information security.

  • Configurable solution allowing user groups to build and customize workflows based on their business needs
  • The workflows are supported by a strong reporting engine, which provides metrics on user-defined Key Performance Indicators(KPIs)
  • The documentation engine enables advanced search and retrieval capabilities and allows for version maintenance and annotation layering
  • Using “Enterprise Project Collaboration & Management” a team gains efficiency, productivity, organization and peace of mind