Pipetrak ITPipetrak IT

The Pipetrak IT suite is a Pipeline Data Management System for new construction based on the PODS data structure focussing on

  • The pre-construction survey stage
  • The construction and pre-commissioning stage
  • The commissioning, hand-over and operations stage

Deployed at the inception of a pipeline project, Pipetrak IT aids project teams in dealing with the challenge of completing complex projects on time and to world-class standards of quality, safety, environmental protection, project control and documentation.

The Pipetrak IT suite consists of applications that interplay with one another to deliver a seamless and integrated solution. These applications can also be implemented stand-alone.

Applications in Pipetrak IT

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Construction Management System (CMS)

At the core of Pipetrak IT is the Construction Management System or CMS, which is a secure, web-based GIS enabled solution that supports all construction related activities and related quality assurance processes. CMS can be configured for a variety of complex projects like cross-country pipelines, facilities, wellpads, etc.

CMS captures and centralizes data intelligent from a wide-variety of sources starting from engineering & design phase to vendor and manufacturing related data and field construction data.

Distinguishing Features
  • CMS can track pipe production and movement data along with quality-related data
  • CMS provides near real-time and validated progress reporting
  • CMS auto generates compliance reports and checklists (Pre-Hydrotesting and Pre-Lowering)
  • CMS provides connected and traceable documentation including scanned copies of reports signed off by third party inspectors
  • CMS integrates as-built Alignment Sheet Generation in an automated manner (using Skyline and Align DB from BSD Consulting, USA)
  • CMS enables processed electronic documentation and information handover from multiple teams, in a user-friendly format
  • CMS is cloud hosted and secure and thus allows access from any location; translating to on-demand availability of project and asset information
Why CMS?
  • CMS takes the pain away in managing multiple sections, spreads, contractors, and even projects at the same time
  • CMS provides control on three key elements of project: costs, quality and time
  • The CMS database allows seamless migration of the data into operations thus ensuring that information is complete, verifiable and traceable
Land Management System Module (LMS)

The Land Management System or LMS is a web-based GIS-enabled Right of Way management system. The LMS enables pipeline owners to maintain and update the Cadastral Information, Mutation Details, Compensation Details, Permissions Status for Right of Use and more.

Distinguishing Features
  • LMS enables the maintenance and updation of all cadastral information, mutation details, notifications, area maps and permissions status in pipeline right of use
  • LMS stores documents, generated during the process of land acquisition and pipeline construction
  • LMS helps in the management of acreage
  • LMS comes with a special module to track and manage the compensation paid to land-owners
  • LMS comes with a GIS enabled interface that layers details of towns and villages onto aerial or satellite imagery for visual display of information
Material Management System (MMS)

The Material Management System with the Pipetrak IT suite is capable of monitoring and tracking the manufacturing and logistics of materials across production facilities, storage yards and sites.

The LMS can tack levels of inventory in near real time, from point of production to work-in-progress, and right up to finished goods as they are picked, packed and shipped.

More so, each item of inventory is linked to all relevant Inspection Test Records thus giving the user complete and traceable information.

Distinguishing Features
  • MTS provides end-to-end tracking of permanent materials from production to installation
  • Expediting and schedule tracking
  • Complete material traceability from installation to raw material
The Alignment Sheet Generator (ASG)
(in collaboration with BSD Consulting)

The Pipetrak IT suite uses the the Alignment Sheet Generator (ASG) developed by BSD Consulting. The ASG has been designed to provide the data management tools to create an effective foundation to quickly generate alignment sheets using the industry standard CAD/GIS platforms while creating an external GIS database.

The BSD products that Pipetrak IT works with are AlignDB, Skyline and Lightning.

Distinguishing Features
  • ASG is user-riendly, robust, accurate, efficient and a fast alignment sheet generation tool
  • ASG incorporates automation for AutoCAD, for every stage of a pipeline project
  • ASG helps to customize information that can be plotted on alignment sheets
  • ASG can also generate seamless AutoCAD drawing (DWG) file using survey data stored in an Excel file
  • ASG makes match line management easier
  • ASG comes with the functionality to customize join-types for point features specified in Excel file
  • ASG has excellent project settings which include General, Profile, Numeric bands, Valve/Fittings, Templates, Crossings, etc.
  • ASG generates vertical alignment and insertion of Bends, Valves, Reducers Generation and management of Profiles
  • ASG ensures that Bands display referenced pipeline attribute information. This means sheets are dynamically linked directly to the data, eliminating the unnecessary workflow repetition that comes with data updates
  • ASG has superior handling of all labels, preventing overlapping labels and resulting in a much clearer display of information
  • ASG deployment dramatically increase productivity
  • ASG can accommodate process changes extremely quickly
  • ASG drastically reduces the duplication of effort
  • ASG increases the value of your deliverable
  • ASG writes all data to a project database for easy management
  • ASG data is loadable into PODS
Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

The Pipetrak Document Management System application handles creation, capture, cataloging, management, delivery and archival of large volume of construction related documentation and content.

The DMS can handle scanned documents, electronic documents, emails, and electronic data output from other applications with equal ease and efficiency.

  • The key benefit is that all construction related documents ranging from inspection reports to quality documentation and test results are available as online data reference
  • The documentation is hyperlinked to data making search and retrieval easy and intuitive, resulting in increased productivity
Pipetrak IT Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning (PC&C)

Pipetrak IT’s Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning application brings engineering data and documentation, generated during the design phase of the project, into a centralized database, which can then accessed for smooth project completion and commissioning.

The Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning application helps to establish an auditable trail from construction to commissioning of a project.

Like other members of the Pipetrak IT suite, this application too is web-based and assists projects managers in:

  • Managing and achieving schedule compliance
  • Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning validations
  • Preservation and Factory Acceptance Test schedules
  • Handover of Project Documentation
  • Establishing a clear audit-able documentation trail throughout the completion cycle
Distinguishing Features
  • Status Logging in the application provides real-time status reports
  • The Punch List Register allows extensive handling and administration of facility punch list and carry over work items
  • The dataset acts as base reference for automatic Checklist and Inspection Test Report generation
Why Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Application?
  • Its deployment dramatically reduces the time to pre-commission and commission
  • It helps to increase productivity by delivering real-time status updates
  • It enables complete check on certification issuance which are applicable for project completion during pre-commissioning
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Pipetrak IT GIS application enables projects’ progress to be depicted spatially allowing the user to monitor details through linkages into in-depth construction or relevant inspection data from a geographical view point. For instance, welding as it progresses, can be depicted visually along the alignment of the relevant section and enables a drill down into detailed welding data pertaining to the joints being viewed. Pipe-books, NDT reports and other quality assurance and progress related data can be accessed with a click.

  • The GIS application enables the capture and storage of locational as-built data during construction instead of post construction
  • The GIS allows for the review of Pipe-books and as-built alignment sheets on a GIS interface
  • The GIS application allows for geo-referencing of all activities and as-built data
  • The GIS application enables design compliance
  • The GIS application makes planned re-routing easy 
  • The GIS based user interface allows you to view Cathodic Protection details as TLP locations bearing all CP data are mapped
  • In conjunction with LMS, the GIS application enables viewing of land acquisition details, land owner details, land owner compensation details along with cadastral information
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Benefits of Pipetrak IT