PCMS Project Completion Management System (PCMS)

The Project Completion Management System has been designed ground-up with a simple objective of bringing the engineering data & documentation, generated during the design phase of the project, into a centralized connected database, which is then accessed for smooth project completion and commissioning.

With connected and centralized documentation, PCMS helps establish a clear auditable methodology and a documentation trail from construction to pre-commission & commissioning.

PCMS is a web-based monitoring tool that assists projects managers in:

  • Managing and achieving schedule compliance
  • Monitoring construction activities
  • Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Validations
  • Preservation and Factory Acceptance Test schedules
  • Handover of Project Documentation
  • Progress monitoring for area completion status, systems, sub-systems, tags and punch lists
  • Establishing a clear audit-able documentation trail throughout the completion cycle

The PCMS platform has been developed to assist project managers to comply with ISO and commissioning standards and also to meet the health & safety regulations (HSE) in accordance with International Oil & Gas Installations.

Distinguishing Features

  • Status Logging in PCMS provides real-time status reports by systems, sub-systems and tags based on system-generated completion reports
  • The Punch List Register allows extensive handling and administration of facility punch list / carry over work items
  • The Master Dataset acts as base reference for automatic Checklist and Inspection Test Report generation
  • PCMS has a user-friendly navigation and system representation


  • PCMS deployment dramatically reduces the time to pre-commission and commission
  • PCMS helps increase productivity by delivering real-time status updates
  • PCMS enables complete check on certification issuance which are applicable for project completion during pre-commissioning
  • PCMS drastically reduces work duplication as all test reports are uploaded thereby helping engineers during the commissioning process